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Dear fellow Musician, Guitarist or Rock star wannabe,


I am a guitar player/tutor from the United Kingdom. Since starting in August 2018, I have taught hundreds of 1-2-1 online skype lessons and sold my tab packages to all four corners of the globe. I have taught students in over 30 countries with the United States and Europe being the most popular areas.


I have taught guitarists of all abilities from Berklee College of Music graduates to professional session musicians. I have also helped complete beginners with little experience who have just bought their first guitar to rapidly develop their skills. 

I offer a personalised approach to tuition to help you develop your knowledge, skills and techniques at your own pace. Check out my skype lessons for more details on how to access some high quality guitar tuition.

I also offer free tips, techniques and solos on my instagram feed please check it out and feel free to DM me. Also you can sign up to Ben Keightley Tuition for tips, discount offers and  other guitar goodies.

All the best

Ben Keightley \m/

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