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What is the Lick Vault?

Ben Keightley’s Lick Vault has been developed to provide you with an easy to navigate e-learning platform for learning, improving and stretching your guitar technique, skills and repertoire.

The Lick Vault is a bank of micro lessons comprising of a short “how to” videos with tabs that have been categorised by skill level, technique, guitarist style and genre. A real guitar players toolbox.

How do I get to the licks I want to learn?

This is accessed from the “All Categories” dropdown menu under the main video window on the right-hand side. If you are looking for licks in the style of say John Petrucci, Jason Becker or Slash then:

  1. Select their name in the “All Categories” menu

  2. All the videos that cover their style of playing will be selected automatically for you to learn.

  3. Learn the Lick











There is also a search function that allows you to search for specific techniques, artists, songs, etc within this function you can also select from all the available tags.

  1. Enter your search term in the search bar or select one of the hundreds of tags subcategorising each lick into artist, genre, style, technique, song, etc.

  2. All the videos that cover their style of playing will be selected automatically for you to learn.

  3. Learn the Lick






















Most licks in the vault have a tab that appears in the right- hand corner of the video, click VIEW TAB and the tab will pop up in a new window.

To get the most out of this approach:

  1. Right click the VIEW TAB button (circled)

  2. Select open in new browser window

  3. Resize you windows so that they are half and half

  4. Learn the Lick


New Licks Every Week

We will add new Licks every week and each time you use the Lick Vault you will have the option to complete a feedback form to let us know what licks you want to see in the Vault. We want to be able to develop this platform to be of real value to any guitarist and the only way we can do this is with you help and your feedback so feel free to make your suggestions.

How much is the subscription?

Ben Keightley’s Lick Vault is a new subscription platform developed to help guitarists at all levels to improve their technique and learn to play like a guitar hero or shred master providing hours of micro lessons. You can obtain unlimited access to the Lick Vault for only £8.95 per month. Once subscribed you get unlimited access to all the Licks and tabs in the Lick Vault. You can watch the micro lessons as many times as you want. The subscription auto-renews each month.  

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope that you don’t want to cancel your subscription but if you do you can do so at any time.

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